Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Fair Trade Crochet Swimwear

Crochet is a slow artful process. Each garment takes hours to create and hours more to finish. The craft of crochet deserves to be rewarded for the time that goes into the production of crochet swimwear and crochet lingerie. Often times, long hours of labor go unpaid except for the satisfaction of making a beautiful piece of clothing. In some places it isn't uncommon for workers in crochet factories to make less than 100 dollars per month, therefore it is important to support fair trade crochet. Fair trade crochet is made by independent artisans working from the comfort of their own homes at their own leisure. Be sure to check the country of origin when purchasing handmade crochet, many garments produced in such places as China and Indonesia are produced using uncompensated or slave labor. Bows & Eros produces its Crochet Swimwear in PerĂº using only fair trade practices. Meet some of the artisans in the video below.

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