Thursday, December 13, 2012

Monica Handmade Crochet Bikini

Crochet patterns number in the tens of thousands. Any image imaginable can be transformed into a design for crochet and applied artistically to fit the needs of a specific garment. Knit bikinis are perfectly suited for the application of almost any design and the Monica Handmade Crochet Bikini is an excellent example. The use of a flower detail on the edge portions of the swimsuit are intricate and feminine, revealing a sexy touch of skin. When evaluating handmade items it is important to note the quality of detail; the level found in the Monica Handmade Bikini is second to none. The garment ties at the top behind the neck and the bottoms feature a tie side for an adjustable fit. This bikini is comfortable, fresh and additionally is an item with exquisite detail that any wearer can and should be proud of. As with every Bows and Eros product, the swimsuit is fair trade handmade using a Peruvian cotton blend.

Handmade Crochet Bikini

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Fair Trade Crochet Swimwear

Crochet is a slow artful process. Each garment takes hours to create and hours more to finish. The craft of crochet deserves to be rewarded for the time that goes into the production of crochet swimwear and crochet lingerie. Often times, long hours of labor go unpaid except for the satisfaction of making a beautiful piece of clothing. In some places it isn't uncommon for workers in crochet factories to make less than 100 dollars per month, therefore it is important to support fair trade crochet. Fair trade crochet is made by independent artisans working from the comfort of their own homes at their own leisure. Be sure to check the country of origin when purchasing handmade crochet, many garments produced in such places as China and Indonesia are produced using uncompensated or slave labor. Bows & Eros produces its Crochet Swimwear in PerĂº using only fair trade practices. Meet some of the artisans in the video below.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Shayla Handmade Crochet Bikini

Crochet often is associated with being a hobby and a method for producing Holiday scarves and sweaters. It doesn't have to be this way. Crochet swimwear and lingerie, including Crochet Bikinis, Monokinis, and Coverups are adaptations of the method that create some sexiness, if not femininity for the wearer of the garment. The effects of combining this homey skill with modern design creates  beautiful and wearable clothing. Wearable because of the soft yarn and beautiful because of the intricate and time consuming work that goes into each piece. Each crochet bikini takes a minimum of 6 hours of hand labor to complete. When you wear crochet that is made by hand you can be sure that personal care was put into your clothes. The Shayla Handmade Crochet Bikini is an excellent example of an on-trend bikini set (that includes detailed "little box" edging) made with care that you'll be able to wear for multiple seasons.

Shayla Handmade Crochet Bikini